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Title: ​​Keep Her Safe

Author: ​Richard Parker

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How far would you go to protect your child?

Maggie’s daughter Penny is her whole world… and she’d do anything to protect her. So when Maggie wakes one night to find a strange woman in her home, she runs to lock herself in her bedroom with her child. But Maggie knows why she’s come… 

Someone has been targeting mothers and offering them a choice: do as he says or their child disappears. This stranger in her home has until dawn to follow his orders… but Maggie too has the ‘choice’ to make. Can she put the pieces together to stop the cycle before her time is up?

An edge-of-your-seat thriller that will keep you guessing until the last page. Perfect for fans of Adam Croft and Tess Gerritsen.

Author Bio:
Richard Parker was formerly a TV script writer, script editor and producer before turning his hand to penning twisted standalone thrillers.

KEEP HER SAFE is his latest book published by Bookouture on January 11th 2018.

HIDE AND SEEK was his fifth book published in August 2017.

FOLLOW YOU was his fourth psychological thriller. Reviewers are saying it's Bookouture's darkest crime novel to date.

STALK ME was his third and rode high in the UK and US charts.

SCARE ME was his second. Hollywood movie rights have been acquired by major US studio, Relativity Media. Star of PRISON BREAK and screenwriter of dark horror thriller STOKER, Wentworth Miller, has written the big screen adaptation.

STOP ME, Richard's darkly fiendish debut, was shortlisted for the John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger Award.

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This book explores many of the old county of Huntingdonshire's Ghosts, Myths and Legends. The book provides a comprehensive collection of ghost stories, along with a wealth of historical quirky local facts relating to the haunted locations. 

In some instances the author was able to spend the night inside some of the haunted properties too. An honest and balanced account of what he experienced is featured within this book. With over 38 years of experience as a Paranormal Investigator the author provides help, advice, tips and guidelines to assist the paranormal investigator.. 

The book was first reviewed in September 2017 by Robert M Snow the former General Secretary of the world famous 'Ghost Club. The 'Ghost Club' was formed in 1862 and is the oldest psychical research establishment on the planet.. The author himself was trained by eminent former Ghost Club members Peter Underwood and Trevor Kenward (his Uncle), during the late 1970's. 

The book boasts 20 chapters, contains 108K words and explores 55 different Huntingdonshire locations. The book also contains over 300 unique images and illustrations. Without wishing to give too much away, the reader might also find the odd image of a REAL ghost or two, lurking within the books covers.

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Author bio

Mark was born in Huntingdon on the 4th February 1961, he is 56 years old.  The son of a bricklayer, he was raised in the small rural village of Southoe, which is situated between Huntingdon and St Neots.  Mark was educated at Southoe, Brampton and at Hinchingbrooke School in Huntingdon.  He spent the last year of his education studying in Hinchingbrooke House, which features on the books front and rear cover.  After leaving school in 1978 he then spent the first 25 years of his working career with American chemical giants DuPont, working for DuPont in St Neots, Stevenage and Cambridge.  Since then he has run his own business (a Driving School), and has also worked as an FDAP accredited Drug and Alcohol Worker throughout Cambridgeshire.  Mark has two grown up children, a son called Matthew and a daughter called China, they both live locally in Huntingdonshire. 

Mark first became interested in Ghosts and the paranormal following a personal experience which happened to him in 1976.  This experience was to have a profound effect on his life, and this is all fully explained within the book.  Mark was only 15 years old at that time, and he has been fascinated by Ghosts and the paranormal ever since.  The paranormal is a very broad subject, and Mark's particular area of interest is predominately Ghosts, Hauntings and Poltergeist phenomena.  His early interest was encouraged by his late uncle Trevor Kenward, a long term and highly respected member of the world famous 'Ghost Club.'   The 'Ghost Club' is the oldest psychical research organisation on the planet.  Its roots date back to 1862 when it was formed at Trinity College in Cambridge.  Former eminent members of the 'Ghost Club' include the famous author Charles Dickens, the actor Peter Cushing and paranormal experts Harry Price and Peter Underwood.  

Mark was fortunate to receive expert tuition from his late uncle Trevor Kenward, and on two occasions was privileged to be given tuition and advice from Peter Underwood, the then President of the 'Ghost Club.'   For a long period of time Trevor Kenward's wife Marilyn (Mark's Aunt), was responsible for the 'Ghost Clubs' general finances and admin.   Mark is now semi-retired and lives back in Southoe, the village where he grew up.   He's a very keen Sportsman and his other passions include Reading, Classic Rock Music and traditional English Cider!   Thanks to his late father Harold (a born and bred Liverpudlian), he is also a lifelong and very passionate follower of Liverpool F.C.  

I can honestly say I have stepped out of my comfort zone with this read. I usually stay clear of paranormal stories and I’m not too keen on non fiction so now your asking why I’ve read it. Well I live in Bedfordshire which is the county next to Huntingdonshire where this book is written about. 

This is an A4 sized book with plenty of pages to dig into. I found myself reading a few chapters each time I picked it up. The photos and illustrations are fantastic. 

Great praise to the author on writing this story. He’s written it in such a way that a lay person like myself can read and enjoy. There’s a great wealth of information in this book that I found very interesting. 

I can honestly say I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more from this author. 

GREED by Elizabeth Cash

#ComingSoon #CanLoveConquerGREED



He was my downfall six years ago.
His actions lead me to a life that tried to ruin me.
Even though I almost cracked under the weight of the world I was in, I managed to win a losing battle.
I fought for my second chance and I made my way back to him.
Because the end game for me wasn't death; it was him.
And as long as I had him, I was alive.


I made one wrong move in a world I thought I knew everything about and I lost her.
I was stupid and naive to think I was above him, but when he took her, I rose up and took the throne.
Now, the empire was mine. All I needed was her.
When she came back, I could finally breathe. There was no longer a void in my life. I was whole again.
Everything was complete and my empire was solid now that I had my backbone.

Until our world was flipped upside down and the world around us began to crumble from beneath our feet.

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Review: 2017 on Goodreads

2017 on Goodreads 2017 on Goodreads by Various
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an awesome reading year this has been for me. Most of my reads this year are four and five star reads. My instinct has seem to be pretty good on what I may or may not like. My main reason apart from enjoying it is that reading keeps my depression at bay. For the last few years I have found I can deal with what life throws at me once I can find time to get lost in a book. Having said that some authors have pulled on quite a few of my emotions when reading their books:)

My favourite genres have changed over the years. Before my kindle I read womens fiction mostly. Having a kindle and then blogging has opened my eyes to so many other wonderful genres which I wouldnt have tried before. I do believe I have even tried horror and paranormal which was a no before.

I can't choose a top ten favourite... there is no way I can There have been too many amazing reads this year.

Well done to the authors whos books I've read this year. Looking forward to reading more from them as well as new authors.

Happy New Year :)

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I’ve not ready anything by this author so this is a great introduction to her. 

Sloane is running for her life. Her husband did the unthinkable and broke the code of silence. Now Sloane must disappear before she is killed. She gets more than she bargained for when she went to Bettino a guy she knew years ago. 

This is a really quick read and an enjoyable one. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author. Can’t wait to read more of this story.

Friday, 22 December 2017

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From Ellie Messe comes her debut novel Broken. 


Mama didn’t come home.
Daddy liked to hit.
Brothers followed suit.

So I ran.

I ran from that life.
I ran from myself.
I ran into him.

I have no experience with the game board we’re playing on, and that makes this a lethal game. One wrong move and my heart could land in the fire he’s created inside me. Worse, it could lead my past to his doorstep and it won’t just be my blood that taints this floor.  

I should run.  I need to run.

My father is the devil in a flesh suit, he won’t be happy until he paints this town red for my betrayal.

I should run. I need to run.

Because despite my feelings for Parker Hayes, the devil is coming and he wants what’s his.

About the Author

I'm a fun loving book dragon who has the ability to make sailors blush with colorful language and obscene gestures. I love reading, mostly romance, young adult and new age. I'm a part of a BANGerangin' book club that is guaranteed to be better than yours. I like to spend my days wondering around department stores while reading erotica out loud, scaring the piss out of people, and playing "The floor is lava". (Adulting is lame.)

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